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Emergency Fire Evacuation Systems for the Workplace

Unique evacuation procedure to save vital minutes

Instant report of who is left on the premises

What is Safe Place Live?

Safe Place Live is a unique safety and security system which provides automated real-time information on who is currently in your building and also who has left the building. This is life-saving information in the event of an emergency evacuation. Safe Place Live also provides many additional safety and security functions at different levels and for different market sectors, such as health and safety criteria acceptance features for visitors and employees, pre-induction facility, automated email and/or text alert for non-attendance or indeed attendance on site as well as many additional features and functionality.

What makes Safe Place Live unique?

Workplace Safety Devices

Safe Place Live is unique because it provides accurate real-time information on who has left and crucially who is still in the building in the event of an emergency evacuation.

With traditional access control systems, when the emergency evacuation alarm sounds, doors open automatically and there is no record of who has left the building. There may not even be an accurate record of who was in the building in the first place, due to tailgating. Because of SPLs automated detection system, there is always an accurate record of people in and out of the building. This information, which can be displayed on any computer or mobile device, is vital in the event of an emergency evacuation. No need for fire marshals to endanger themselves sweeping a building to account for people left inside. The fire marshal can now have all of this information in real-time on their mobile device in the safety outside the building. Also, the emergency services will have accurate information on arrival, so that they do not needlessly endanger themselves trying to establish who is left in the building, when SPL will have this information at their fingertips. SPL also provides many additional safety and security features. Please view the video demo on the home page for further details.

Why choose our emergency evacuation system?

At SPL we have the most innovative technology to protect your organisation and your people. Traditionally emergency evacuations and fire evacuations are organised by fire marshals or security personnel. However, these marshals are put in danger when sweeping a building trying to account for others. Our safety system / fire safety system provides the marshal with real-time information on their mobile device from the safety of outside the building.

Our system provides the most accurate real-time information.

The emergency services are provided with accurate real-time information, so that they are not put unnecessarily at risk.

Our systems provide many additional safety and security features as standard.

Our systems can be fully automated.

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