Fire Marshal Services

Fire Marshal Services

The main objective of our fire marshal services at Safe Place live is to reduce property fires, save lives and prevent incidents from hazardous materials. The main sectors we provide this service for are industrial, education, pharmaceutical, offices, IT and many more. Through the proper integration of inspections, permitting, plans, information programs and complying with European regulations, we can drastically minimize risks in the workplace. All the mentioned above is to safeguard members of the public, your employees and emergency responders.

The Main inspections we undertake:

  • Fire Alarms Test
  • Check for sprinkler systems
  • Fire evacuation procedures
  • Check for adequate fire extinguishers
  • Receive and respond to public complaints and respond appropriately
  • Check for fire hazards and outline a prevention plan
  • Conduct inspections for new and existing buildings

We have a dedicated fire marshal office that is responsible for ensuring all new or existing commercial buildings have adequate fire safety requirements and outline a solution plan for any issues found. Then we act on these issues, implementing possible updated systems or changes to give you a more robust solution that complies with the latest European requirements. Our team of experts can also review any fire permit applications you may have. By correcting unsafe conditions in the workplace, we are increasing the safety of the public, your workers and emergency services.

Why choose us for your Fire Marshal Services?

Safe Place live has many years of experience in this area and have access to the latest innovations and international contacts to ensure you get the best service you deserve. With the help of our fully licensed PSA partners we can create an affordable and effective solution to keep your business safe. We keep up to date with modern enterprise changes, ensuring your company evolves with the fast-evolving world. Contact us for further information.