Educational (Schools and colleges)

Safe Place Live School Pro system is specifically designed for the education sector for deployment in schools and colleges. Students are assigned wristbands (key rings, embroidered badges in uniforms etc. can also be utilised as an alternative). When the student arrives and enters the building, they are automatically registered on the roll call system as being in attendance. If the student has not arrived by a specified time, both the school and the parents will receive an automated email and/or text to notify them of the student’s non-attendance. Parents are given access to the system software, so that they can simply log in from their mobile device and use their unique log-in pin number to preregister the student for non-attendance in advance. This means that when the parent notifies the school in advance of non-attendance, neither the school or the parents will be alerted. It also removes the requirement for parents to write notes for the children for non-attendance.
The main benefits of Safe Place Live School Pro system are as follows: